Trying to Resurrect the Blog. Again!

Ok, im giving this yet another try. I do like blogging, i just never seem to have enough WoW stuff to blog about. And the whole idea about this blog was actually having WoW stuff in it. Then i realised i dont really want to only write about WoW, and i cba to maintain two blogs, so yeah, im opening this up to a bit of both. Lets see how successful that will be. One can never know!

So to begin with i can update you on where i am in-game atm. Currently im on what seems to be the worse server in the world, Terokkar EU! Despite the server being utter shit, i suprisingly like it here. The guild is nice, and we finally seem to get our new 25 man raid team rolling. Maybe i need to explain that, since most guilds are well, a guild with one raid team. This guild, however, has several raid teams, but it has mostly been 10 mans. Since a couple of the 10 man teams were struggling with getting enough people for a raid, we decided to merge and recruit, and Eden was born! Currently we are at 10/12, but hoping for Nefarian pretty soon. Tonight, in fact!

So this is the guild after we dinged level 25 as the first one on the server:

And this is one of the killshots we did recently:

Yeah i know, we totally suck at getting nice killshots..

Anyway, nice to be back, if i can call it that. And if i stay back, that is :p Maybe i even get some new readers. Probably gonna need it, because i doubt any of the old ones even remember this blog, thats how long its been dead :<



Feronia in real life

17.mai.2011 kl.01:14

I remember it, hah.


17.mai.2011 kl.13:35

Feronia in real life: Hah! :D


17.mai.2011 kl.15:28

I'm still here, stalking !


18.mai.2011 kl.00:32

Moose: Man, im impressed :D


08.des.2011 kl.18:00

Yes very impressed!

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