Spain, yeee!!

Cant update much now, as im in Spain for the time being! Im having a good but slack time, while it seems like my raid group is falling apart back home. Ack! Still, while im slacking in the sun with unlimited flow of sangria, beer, wine, more wine, booze and coke zero, i cant really manage to care. It all seems really far away right now. If it does fall to pieces, i think i might have to just quit WoW. I dont want to play without raiding, and there's no future for me in the guild anymore if this 25 man team wont work :(

Maybe we'll transfer as a group, maybe people will split up and transfer one by one. Maybe some will go back to 10 man, i have no clue. Back to 10 man isnt really tempting anymore. 25 man is epic, 10 man is casual, thats just how it is for people who's been playing this game for more than Wrath :p

Anyway, now what to write about? Hmm.. I can link a few pics, yes i can!!

Squid, squid, squid. Might be one of Davy Jones' offspring, not sure.

A visit to old Naxx, inside un-instanced Stratholme, woot?? A good trip it was!


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