To Pieces..

One small week, ive been away on holidays, and within that week several things happened. We lost many of our recruits to the 25 man team Eden, our GM decided he wanted to focus on RL more than WoW, and several others decided enough was enough. So now things are falling apart pretty much. Some have been cancelling their subscription, some taking breaks, some will transfer and some will delete their characters.

What about me then? Which one of those boxes willi fit into? Who knows. Im giving up on Eden and have explained why, to the other RL's, and anything else than that is uncertain atm. All the other assisting RL's seem to join me in the desicion to let things go, so i dont think there's any hate at least.

In this writing moment, i dont know when my subscription will run out. I also dont know if i will let it continue or if i see it more fitting to just cancel it. Ive played this game for nearly five years, seen most things, done most things.. Been on top, been casual, rocked PvE content, been decent at PvP.. Seen most rare, hidden and "secret" places, collected shitloads of pets, and not too few mounts either. Ive made friends and enemies, laughed and cried. Things have been good, all in all, but it has also robbed me of something more important: the will to do something IRL.

Yeah, cus i planned my RL around WoW for quite a while. "Sorry i cant join you for dinner tonight, i have a raid" Thats not cool when you're a single, 25 year old girl. Also, WoW is inevitably making me lazy, and sitting in front of the computer all day long doesnt exactly help me get fit. Maybe ill start to actually work out more. I might have some secret thoughts about why, but that is irrelevant in the big picture!

Then what will i do when im alone in my flat at night, with a TV smaller than a shoebox? Maybe read more books again, or just wach something on the shoebox. Or a movie on the computer, or a TV-show.. Or hang out with my friend, or go have a beer with someone. Go on a date? ;)

We shall see, my friends! And with "my friends", i obviously aim at Jal, who i thinkis like my only reader atm!? :D Maybe ill have this blog be all IRL'ish again, but then ofc i have the other blog for that, hmm.. Maybe i should make an entirely new one? Im lazy, and setting up designs on this hillbilly blog platform takes its toll, im telling you.

Anyway, im done writing this nonsense now! Tomorrow im back from Spain, and then ill see whether or not im starting a new life, or continue to sit in Stormwind like an authistic kid, night after night after night after night after..




30.mai.2011 kl.10:55

I'm sure you've more than 1 reader :p

I was facing the same dilemna a few months ago, and I decided to call it quits. I've spent 6 wonderful years on wow, seen and done everything, but the last months game has been overall pretty boring and felt more like a waste of time than a source of joy. So I cancelled my sub 1 month ago, and it'll run out at the beginning of july (ye I paid for 3 months right before I cancelled, clever me...)

With summer coming, it may indeed be the right time to focus more on IRL ^^ So many things to do, sports, movies, friends to see, beers to drink, books to read, series to watch (mad men atm <3), sun to enjoy (burnt face ftw...)

Best of luck with your new life !

Steve C

30.mai.2011 kl.23:06

Yeah you have more than 1 reader, you have 2. Its been hard watching things slowly fall apart but at least we tried to do something big on the little backwater server we rolled on.

**Things have been good, all in all, but it has also robbed me of something more important: the will to do something IRL.**



31.mai.2011 kl.00:22

Moose: Thanks to reader number one! You have been most faithful :p My sub doesnt run out until august, but today i just realised im not really into it any more (or at the moment at least).. Maybe ill just lay low and do something else. I even went out for a freaking jog today. HELLO, JOGGING SUCKS!!

Summer is a nice time to quit at least, as you say, so many things to do :D


31.mai.2011 kl.00:24

Steve C: Dun dun duhh!! Two it is :D Yeah, sucked that things didnt work out when we worked our asses off for it, but well.. Rather try and fail, than never try at all! And yeah, it gets harder to motivate oneself to do stuff IRL when its so easy to just log in and chit-chat, idle on mumble or run in circles in SW, sadly.. Must. Move. On!

Feronia in real life

31.mai.2011 kl.23:28

I read your blog meit, don't quit wow :(


01.jun.2011 kl.22:53

You clearly have more readers than you know, Lunaswap. 8)

Steve C

01.jun.2011 kl.23:08

Must be nice to have such a dedicated team of stalkers XD


01.jun.2011 kl.23:57

Shin: What, Shinzo, the one and only!! Didnt know you still lurker around :D Are you a doctor yet? Please tell me yes, and that life's treating you good in general? Sanningen ska fram!


02.jun.2011 kl.16:24

Stnos. Not just yet, but it's well on its way. 8) Things are good in general here, had my final exams for this semester yesterday, and will be doing an HIV research project over the summer, and hopefully have time to slack around a bit too. How's the Lunasauce? I had some trouble navigating through your various blogs to find this one, actually. 8P I'm sorry to hear about your guild anyway.. things like that tend to suck. Take it from me though (and probably Jal too), RL isn't all that bad either when you get into it. 8)


05.jun.2011 kl.21:58

Shin: Yeah, RL is actually treating me well! Im out and about in parks and the city, enjoying myself. Do like! So Lunasauce is doing good! And the other Lunasauce is parked in Stormwind in awesome RP gear! ^^ Good to hear the studies are going well. This fall im starting as well, but had to ditch the medicine dream and are now aiming for teacher. Will be interesting to see how that goes, heh!

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