The Longest Night..

Ok, where do i even begin to explain this messy story? Let's take it from the beginning and see where it ends. I went out to the park to meet some friends of mine, and we sat there and had some beers. Then we moved to a pub with some live music which was really cool, but the sound level was awfully high, so we had to leave and go somewhere else. Then after a while i went home to change clothes and go out to meet some other friends to go clubbing.

The club was nice, music was nice, and all this i knew, since it was some people i know who DJ'd there, and i usually go there when they do. So when the night started to near its end, we went to the stop where i was to take the night bus home from, and they went to get a cab.

Just as they left, i realised i didnt have my purse. Uh-oh. No purse meant no phone, no money, no bus ticket, no keys to the flat. Awesome! I had put my purse in my friends bag, because it was more convenient, but then both she and i forgot. So i sat down to wait and see if they realised and turned around. And i waited. And waited.. AND WAITED! And it got colder and colder, and this part of town is really no place for a single woman to be wandering around alone, so i was stuck there, and there was nothing to do.

I tried to scout for a police car, so i could ask them for help, and after 1.5 hours, i managed to find someone and ask for help. They called the number info line and tried to get the phone number of my friend, but she wasnt registered. And neither was the other guy she went home with. Then what? OH, my brother lived nearby, so then we tried to call him. But he didnt answer. Muh. Running out of choices, they said i could go to the E.R. and ask for help there, or at least get shelter for the night. So off i went, as the sun was coming up, so it felt a bit safer to walk down the road to the get some "medical" help.

Arriving there i had to register and like "hi, im sort of homeless". Then i had to wait for ages to get to talk to a social worker, and when it was finally my turn, she and i couldnt manage to find my friends number either. Tried my brother again as well, and even his flat mate. No answer. Tried my best friend to have her hand me the number of the one who had my purse, but she didnt pick up. Now, normally id just call my uncle and have him take me in, but just this week he's in Spain. Bummer! And my best friend whom i tried to call (and would crash with), is in Poland. I mean, come on, how much bad luck can i have in one night alone?

Finally the social worked had a brilliant idea. Why dont i call my own phone? DING DONG. So i did, and my friend picked up, wondering wtf had happened. Some blah blah later, we agreed to meet on a bus station close to where she and the guy were, and i gave her the exact time of my arrival. Then followed more waiting.

Since i didnt have anything, the social worker had to file some papers and arrange for me to have a bus ticket. So i had to actually get some sort of social service to get there. There's a first time for everything it seems.

When the tram came, i hopped on, obviously still in last nights clothes, totally looking like i was out on a "walk of shame", which is rather embarassing, especially since i was innocent! 20 minutes later i get off at the station only to not find my friend anywhere. I waited and waited, then went into a kiosk to ask if i could borrow the phone. The dude just stared at me and gave me a lame "no". So i muttered, "ok gonna have to ask the cops then" and ran out to a police car that was parked outside (thank god), and they called my phone for me. No answer. Great, they fell asleep! They tried again, and now the dude picked up, all groggy and sleepy. A couple of minutes later he managed to give the police his adress so i could get there, and the officer told him to come out and meet me. And then he was like "hop in, we'll take you" so i got to ride the police car! Woop, never done that before :p

Finally. He was out waiting, i thanked the police, got my purse and took the bus home. Still feeling really embarassed over looking all "walk of shame". Then my best friend called me, since she had woken up and seen both my friend tried to call her several times, and that she had missing calls from the hospital as well. I explained everything to her, and said i was fine and nearly home. Also had to text my brother to say i was fine in case he checked out the number and got worried because someone from the hospital had tried to reach him.

Tick-tock, nearly eight o'clock. My bed. My sweet, sweet bed! Sleep. Wonderful sleep! <3




08.jun.2011 kl.01:22

I can see a few things to learn from this story :

- Don't go home alone, at least you'll do the walk of shame for something

- Don't forget your purse, or get a bag (doh) or put your keys somewhere you can't forget them (men put them in their pockets, I'm sure women have some secret unreachable places they can use)

Don't feel too bad, at least it's a nice story to tell, and you got a lot of firsts done tonight :P I wouldn't have thought to call my own phone in this state either btw...^^


10.jun.2011 kl.00:05

Pobrecita linda. 8)

So, a teacher huh. 8) Sounds cool enough, what kind of lessons will you be dishing out?


01.aug.2011 kl.14:18

Where have all the Lunas gone? 8(


18.aug.2011 kl.22:45

Amagad, long time since I visited your blog now...

thought you stopped so I kind of gave up on ya...

Can't say I envy the night you had reading this :S I'd freak out if I went through half of it so I guess your more hardcore :P

Personally, I ran from Azeroth to Telara, where I now haz new home :)

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