Transmogrification and me

Hello there! Long time, no see. For many a reason and another, the blogging came to a complete stop a while back. Lost interest in the game, came back, but had lost interest in the blog. Also, I reckoned any old readers had counted on this blog being rather dead for good this time as well. Shame, as I quite enjoyed it. Maybe I'll manage to have a go at it again though. I'll give it a shot. Some things have changed. If you are reading this, you might have noticed that the header have changed, in order to match my new "self". Troll it is nowadays, and a new server and guild as well. So far, I like it here, and I'm raiding only now and then, which is cool, since i have rather busy days at uni now. I got accepted into a 5-year teachers education, which will end in a MA in what seems to be British literature (unless I change my mind and pick language or area studies). Quite interesting, but also so very much hard work. Yikes. Anyway, onto the topic of this post.

I wanted to put together a little something on the rather new transmog feature. I was thrilled as soon as I heard about it, and I still am enjoying this feature quite a lot. I had already been collecting various gear pieces all the way back to at least TBC, so naturally I had all these different goodies lying around in my bank. Then again, those were mostly old raid sets and/or cloth and RP pieces I couldn't use, so I went ahead and worked my way through various places in order to collect new gear for my druid.

The first sets I aquired was the set from Wailing Caverns, the Embrace of the Viper. To complete the set, I had to add some extra bits and pieces, and landed on Truestrike Shoulders from the first boss in UBRS and the druid T5 headpiece. When I still had a mace, i transmogged it into The Essence Focuser, and completed it with Witch's Finger as my off-hand. Behold the (somewhat dark and gloomy) result:

Then, after a while, I wanted to swap out some pieces, but still keep a sense of "custom design", so I went to the Darkmoon Faire and purchased some old-school pieces. I swapped out the shoulders, pants and gloves with Replica Wildheart Spaulders, Replica Wildheard Gloves and Replica Wildheart Kilt. I also got a new dagger and had to ditch the mace (booo), so I went with Blade of Trapped Knowledge instead. It has a nice, white glow that will override your current enchant. Putting this together, and also pulling out a matching companion, I got the following look, which I am quite pleased with:

Voila! My current set :D Don't know how long before I get bored of this and want yet another change, but it is at least unique in some way. Haven't seen anyone else with anything similar, so that's quite nice. And oh, I had to visit the barber shop to redo my hair as well. It's all about the details, you know.

Hope to see you soon. Or well, hope to see anyone, just ANYONE reading this blog still! Give me a should if you are, please :) Toodles!


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