Ironforge Airport and Old Ironforge

Yesterday i did some exploring again, and was thrilled to find out that you can still visit Ironforge Airport and Old Ironforge! Went to the Airport with a guildie (and also visited the highest mountain top above Ironforge), and later on i went into Old Ironforge alone. Had to log a gnome on some other server, else it wouldn't have worked, sadly. I have been writing a blog post a while ago about something similar, but the old one also got some other places in it too. You can check it out here.Yesterday in picturesThis is us at the highest point. Note the flag placed by the Explorers' League (also known as the Explorers' Guild). Seems them dwarves didn't only explore places under the earths surface, or places filled with titans and er something. Thanks to Greyseer for providing me with this information. I had never been here as a horde before, so was suprised when a guard suddenly ran up the hill to kill us. Well, he tried at least.I had to take this screenshot as it ...

Screenshots + Lyrics

A fellow blogger, Anea, got this great idea, and it was too good to not do anything about! The idea is to take a screenshot, add fitting lyrics and post it. Simple as that! It can be funny, meaningful, silly, hilarious, sad or clever. Whatever you imagine, really. I didnt manage to only do one, so here are the ones i made for this little blog game :)The Elf and the Ogre - A Love Story (or was it really "love"..?)Alexandra Burke - Bad BoysResults May Vary vs. The Lich King (on a bad day)Muse - Supermassive Black HoleSalsa = Danger! Especially For Gnomes!Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the DancefloorThis one needs no further introduction, i think?MY LITTLE PONY!!!!!!1Okay, that was my contribution to the game, what's yours? :)Ok, can add the ones that i know of who also did the screenshot + lyrics thingie! Enjoy!Anea - Oh look, an alt!Saga - SpellboundVrykerion - OddcraftJaedia - The Lazy SniperAlas - Kiss My Alas (now this really cracked me up)The Murloc HutTribeca - Be...

Night Elves are Sluts

I swear, back when i was a night elf, i surely was a slut. I blame elf brain cells. When they are stuck in such a sexy body, they cant help but act up to anything even remotely related to sexual actions. Feronia/Lunaire the Night Elf was a slut. She was! I liked it, heheheh.. But now that i am a cow, things are different. No matter how hard i try, i feel like a sack of potatoes and not a sex machine. Urk, i dont like it at all! I miss my sex leg and long hair. I miss my pretty face and perfect boobs. As a cow it only looks like moobs. Sad story. But well, since im a nun now, compared to what i used to be, i often remince about the good old days. There were something like this:Tauren, Undead, Dwarf, Draenei, Gnome (in disguise), Night Elf, Human, Troll (also in disguise) and uhm.. Ogre. That's my men alright! I have to say the ogre was a bit too much, if you get me. And the dwarf was too lazy. Undead was a nice experience, but a bit skinny. Human was alright but a tad short. Tauren w...

Raid Leaders From Hell (!?)

I guess everyone have read Banai quotes. If not, you should be ashamed and only return to this blog post when you have read up and expanded your view on how wack a raid leader can get. You can read the legendary Banai quotes here. Gogo, i laugh every single time i read them. And ive been reading them many, many times! You might also want to pick up the Sebudai quotes here while you're at it. They are also funny. This isnt rocket surgery, so you should be fine!And seriously guys, these quotes are too good to be lost on the internet, so download the pics just to be sure. I will continue to laugh at this til im in diapers in the retirements home 70 years from now. At that point i might actually have such lose control of my bladder that im in danger of peing myself every time i read it, but thats cool. Its gonna be worth it!Ok, now, where was i? Oh yes, i was gonna share some quotes of my own. Most people here knows who this is, but ill alter the names a bit to keep some decency her... Matchmaking - someone to pwn noobs with

You have just got home from work, and after kicking off your shoes you do the mandatory bio-break, fill up your bottle with tap water (or get one from the fridge), stuff some easy food into your pie hole, all in 5 minutes. Then you are ready. Ready to move on to the best part of the day: playing World of Warcraft. You log in quickly, and show no signs of patience while you tap your feet during the entire loading screen wait time. And then, you're in! A quick hello to guildies before you queue for the daily heroic. Need them emblems for shiny stuff. When that's done, you queue for battlegrounds. Time to pwn some noobs!But suddenly you feel alone. Maybe you get ganked because no one healed you. Or you healed yourself for 10 minutes but never managed to even give the enemy a tiny slap on the cheeks because you are resto druid. Or you kill several enemies in a row, but no one is there to cheer and give you a gentle kiss on the cheek. No one to share your favourite hobby with.Ack...

The Wonders of Noggenfogger and Wall Climbing

There used to be a time when everything in-game was a lot more fun, and you could explore (and exploit) all sorts of things with the wonderful wall climbing, or wall jumping. Now i cant remember in which patch they fixed this, but if i remember correctly it was in one of the later (?) patches of TBC. Being an ex-Ironforge girl, ive had a lot of fun sitting on the roof of the building just to the right of the bank, but ive also climber higher "mountains" for a challenge and for the fun of it. At first, wall jumping was really hard, but when you learned the technique, it wasnt that bad. And it opened up for a whole lot of fun! I like to explore hidden places, and of what i can remember, these are the ones ive seen during my years playing WoW:Gnome AirportIn the mountains near Ironforge, there is a gnomish airport with airplanes and other fun things. Its not that hard to get there, and i think its still possible, as there is only one jump you need to do, and while it takes sh...

Highlights From Old Blog

Since i did a lot of WoW posts on my first blog, i thought i could make a post here, pointing at some of the ones i was happy with. Sort of a highlights list, as the topic suggests. This saves me time rewriting it, and saves you time trolling the old blog for the rare diamond in the huge pile of dirt! I will look up what i think might be worth checking out, write a short descroption about it, and you can then chose which links you want to (or dare) click on ;)Will start with the oldest posts, and continue til the most recent ones. "Visitor from Lightbringer (WARNING: RP) :p"- This post is, as the title states, an RP story i wrote when a friend of mine from Lightbringer came to visit me on Dragonblight, where i wanted to brag about my new drake, the OS3D (25), as Alliance first, server second. Im no RP master, by any means, but i find it fun to just write silly stuff in-character sometimes."Lunaire + Freyda = Win" and "Freyda in da House"- These two are some ranting about the whole a...


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