februar 2011

Same battlegroup = tweak to you win!

Well, someone had to cheer me up.. So we worked hard to get into the same group. Worked hard!!! :D

Fan-fucking-tastic. OH, language?! Sorry.

Those of you who have known me (in-game) for a while, know that i have been slightly obsessed with the mount from Stratholme. Also, you know that this obsession started early. Very early. Probably like 3 years ago or something, i cant remember. But during TBC at some point at least. I couldnt solo at first, so had to go there with a friend, and ofc this limited effective farm time. Luckily i had friends who actually bothered to waste some time on this, so we managed to kill the guy quite ofte...

Mutilate vs. Conclaive of Wind

Us killing CoW for the first time :) Ok, fair enough, ive killed it with Distinct (my guild from Cata launch until recently, mainly consisting of old Lightbringer scrubs), but this time i still feel like it was more "real progress" or something like that, since i worked harder for it. No free kills!


Whaddyaknow?? A blog post! Damn, has been a good while since the last one. I just hit the blog wall, or something like that. So whats happened since the last time i gave you sweet, sweet updates? I was horde, then i was ally nelf, and now im ally worgen. Hopping servers trying to find a guild i can settle in, and hopefully ive found it now. The server progress is awful compared to the other realms ive been on (sorry guys, it really is), but tradechat is readable and people are in general muc...


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