mars 2012

Transmogrification and me

Hello there! Long time, no see. For many a reason and another, the blogging came to a complete stop a while back. Lost interest in the game, came back, but had lost interest in the blog. Also, I reckoned any old readers had counted on this blog being rather dead for good this time as well. Shame, as I quite enjoyed it. Maybe I'll manage to have a go at it again though. I'll give it a shot. Some things have changed. If you are reading this, you might have noticed that the header have changed, ...


25, Oslo

Just an ordinairy girl who's above average interested in games. This blog will contain a mix of WoW and IRL stuff, thats the plan anyway! I love hearing from readers, getting comments and what not, so bring it on! Want to contact me outside the comment section, you can reach me at lunaire*at*

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