mai 2011

To Pieces..

One small week, ive been away on holidays, and within that week several things happened. We lost many of our recruits to the 25 man team Eden, our GM decided he wanted to focus on RL more than WoW, and several others decided enough was enough. So now things are falling apart pretty much. Some have been cancelling their subscription, some taking breaks, some will transfer and some will delete their characters. What about me then? Which one of those boxes willi fit into? Who knows. Im giving u...

Spain, yeee!!

Cant update much now, as im in Spain for the time being! Im having a good but slack time, while it seems like my raid group is falling apart back home. Ack! Still, while im slacking in the sun with unlimited flow of sangria, beer, wine, more wine, booze and coke zero, i cant really manage to care. It all seems really far away right now. If it does fall to pieces, i think i might have to just quit WoW. I dont want to play without raiding, and there's no future for me in the guild anymore if th...

Welcome to Norway!

This is totally how it is here. Totally! Fish and potatoes, and itchy dresses, yo! ^^ So to prove some points here, ill place some photos to go with it! National Day, 17th of May - check! Loving hotdogs with all my heart - check! Looking silly in dirty overalls, drinking too much, not doing homework, driving a red van - check! Skiing (allthough not really a pro, cough..) - check!  Couldnt find any pics of me with the itchy dress though, cus its been too small f...

Trying to Resurrect the Blog. Again!

Ok, im giving this yet another try. I do like blogging, i just never seem to have enough WoW stuff to blog about. And the whole idea about this blog was actually having WoW stuff in it. Then i realised i dont really want to only write about WoW, and i cba to maintain two blogs, so yeah, im opening this up to a bit of both. Lets see how successful that will be. One can never know! So to begin with i can update you on where i am in-game atm. Currently im on what seems to be the worse server in...


25, Oslo

Just an ordinairy girl who's above average interested in games. This blog will contain a mix of WoW and IRL stuff, thats the plan anyway! I love hearing from readers, getting comments and what not, so bring it on! Want to contact me outside the comment section, you can reach me at lunaire*at*

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