juni 2010

Something, something

I have nothing to write about, but wanted to just make an update. So eh, yes. Here it is. Lock was in ICC10 yesterday, with blues and 1 heirloom. Pushed shit dps, like really shit. And no cloth dropped at all. I mean hello, nothing at all?? Ive been busy with guests the whole week so havent had time to play much. And also, theres raid, raid and raid. Im so very tired of it and i will cut down on a few things soon. Today its exactly one week til im leaving, and then im away for 2 weeks holiday...

Did it die..?

Guess it didnt. The blog i mean. It was on its way to a slow death, but that would admittedly be quite sad. So what have i been doing lately?Christalynn, my former baby warlock is now a fully grown warlock. Even got some epics. Not many, not imba ones, but its epics. Hello, epics? She has two specs, demo and destro, and even though people claim destro to be easier, i prefer demo. Im a bad demon, yeah!Guild is working on Sindragosa 25H atm, best try was 16% but then we lost focus and in the en...


25, Oslo

Just an ordinairy girl who's above average interested in games. This blog will contain a mix of WoW and IRL stuff, thats the plan anyway! I love hearing from readers, getting comments and what not, so bring it on! Want to contact me outside the comment section, you can reach me at lunaire*at*live.no

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