juli 2010

Summer Break

Okay, im gonna take a break from the blog now, as im not active in WoW for the time being. I log for raids and thats is. Maybe ill take up some posting on the IRL blog again for now, you can visit it here. I hope i get my WoW interest back, especially with Cataclysm! One can only hope! :)

Dragons, rawr!

The new raid instance was released when i was on holiday, but since we only raid twice a week the guild hadnt done it yet when i came back. On monday we went there after LK and it only took us a few tries to get a kill. The fight isnt too bad imo. Got the classical dragon shiz, dont find yourself stuck up his ass or nostrils, move out of fire and run away when bad stuff happens. And of course it includes portals as the Sartharion encounter. Have seen a few dragons in WoW by now, and i think t...

Help, my name is on the forums?!!! (+ holiday pics)

RealID will be used on forums. You post something, and your name will show. There, now i said it. Personally i dont give a shit. My name isnt that unusual, and either way i dont really care if someone sees it. Random people hear it when i call someone while on the bus, and introduce myself. Or maybe they are behind me in some queue somewhere, and see me fill in papers with my name on it. Or maybe a random person overhears me presenting myself to someone. Now, people IRL and online arent the s...

Back on Track (i hope)!

Things have been rather silent lately, and not all of it was due to me entering the huge blog desert that sucks your blog energy away. I was tired of the game, of myself, of everything, and i felt i had nothing to blog about really. Of course i did have stuff i could write about, but i just didnt care. I wanted to quit raiding because it drained me and left me in a bad mood, but in the end of the day i do like to raid, and i do like this guild, so i guess a couple of morons cant take that awa...


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Just an ordinairy girl who's above average interested in games. This blog will contain a mix of WoW and IRL stuff, thats the plan anyway! I love hearing from readers, getting comments and what not, so bring it on! Want to contact me outside the comment section, you can reach me at lunaire*at*live.no

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