august 2010

Once a geek, always a geek!

Got Starcraft 2 today, and i have to say its pretty cool so far! I even see a dancing night elf!! :D Anyway, cba to write much now, im off to bed. So long, suckers!

Progress at last!

After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the dragon to rest this reset! We nailed Putricide thursday and Sindragosa today. I feel we're back on track, and im happy i didnt leave the guild a few weeks ago, which i was really close to doing. Will be hard to find a guild as good as this that only raids 2 days a week, so i want to stay as long as we dont fall apart! Well, yeah, nothing else to update, pics to follow: ...


25, Oslo

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