Eclipse and You

Eclipse is a moonkins main dps source, so to speak. Its a proc that pretty much forces us to use both Arcane and Nature damage in a nifty rotation. Now thats cool, but the problem with Eclipse has been that if we are unlucky and have to move during a proc (mind you, the proc is almost always up), our dps goes to hell in most cases. Because we rely on this proc so much, we're really gimped when we have to keep running through our Lunar Ecplise (the one that enhances Starfire). Since Starfire has the longest casting time, thats also the spell that hurts the most to lose.If we look back to the early days, the whole adding Eclipse and everything that comes with it has been a great improvement to the basics of playing a moonkin, and since ive played as moonkin pretty much since level 10, i have seen it all. Before the whole Eclipse thing, we just did our dots and one-button-nukes, trying to find it fun. Like, take TBC. If you had low haste, you went for Wraths, and if you haste was g...


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