Trying to Resurrect the Blog. Again!

Ok, im giving this yet another try. I do like blogging, i just never seem to have enough WoW stuff to blog about. And the whole idea about this blog was actually having WoW stuff in it. Then i realised i dont really want to only write about WoW, and i cba to maintain two blogs, so yeah, im opening this up to a bit of both. Lets see how successful that will be. One can never know! So to begin with i can update you on where i am in-game atm. Currently im on what seems to be the worse server in the world, Terokkar EU! Despite the server being utter shit, i suprisingly like it here. The guild is nice, and we finally seem to get our new 25 man raid team rolling. Maybe i need to explain that, since most guilds are well, a guild with one raid team. This guild, however, has several raid teams, but it has mostly been 10 mans. Since a couple of the 10 man teams were struggling with getting enough people for a raid, we decided to merge and recruit, and Eden was born! Currently we are at 10/12...

Help, my name is on the forums?!!! (+ holiday pics)

RealID will be used on forums. You post something, and your name will show. There, now i said it. Personally i dont give a shit. My name isnt that unusual, and either way i dont really care if someone sees it. Random people hear it when i call someone while on the bus, and introduce myself. Or maybe they are behind me in some queue somewhere, and see me fill in papers with my name on it. Or maybe a random person overhears me presenting myself to someone. Now, people IRL and online arent the same, you say. But still, people IRL can be as bad (or good) as onliners. Not everyone online is a nutter, and while you certainly do have them around, they are present IRL too. Okay, enough on that topic, im tired of it already, after Twitter have been flooded with pros and cons all day now. I understand that some people dread this, and that they dont want their name in the open. Also some arent allowed to post on forums under their real name due to work conflicts. And some are perhaps just scar...

Raid Changes in Cataclysm

Back in Vanilla WoW, there were 40-man raids. Thats a lot of players having to tune themselves perfectly to eachother and the surroundings, making it somewhat difficult both to get accepted into a raiding guild, and earn a spot. And of course get loot. I can imagine raid leading a 40-man raid would more often than not summon headaches and minor heartattacks, frustration and anger. And how easy was it to just start from scratch, creating a guild of this size? Probably not easy!So Blizzard thought up some new changes to the way raids worked, and in TBC we got the 40-man raids downsized to 25 (and the odd 20-man down to 10). The first raid out was Karazhan, and even though it required people to attune themselves to be able to enter, it only took 10 people to get the raids started. Much easier when you take into consideration all the slow levelers, people who quit when the expansion hits (only to come back later) and other things. You need a couple of tanks, 2 or 3 healers and some dps,...

Cataclysm Class Preview: Druid

Finally the druid post is out! Been waiting for info about druids in the coming expansion for a while now, and after all the other stuff ive read, ive been really anticipating it. If you've also been exited about druid news, you might want to tone it down a bit, cus this wasnt much exited in my opinion. At least not for balance druids. If i miss something, got something wrong, or anything else, let me know. I couldnt wait with this til after i get back from work, so been hurrying through both MMO post, comments + writing this inbetween make-up and coffee before work :) I think i got the main stuff for now.Lets start with new spells first:Wild Mushroom (Level 85): Grows a magical mushroom at the target location. After 4 seconds the mushroom becomes invisible. Enemies who cross the mushroom detonate it, causing it to deal area-of-effect damage, though its damage component will remain very effective against single targets. The druid can also choose to detonate the mushroom ahead of...

Oh la la!

Seems like Blizzard added something more to the whole Shadowmourne thing. From what MMO-Champion reports, i think this might be pretty cool! When you kill The Lich King with anyone in the raid wearing Shadowmourne, you will get an extra item off the boss Unsealed Chest. This item, you take to Highlord Darion Mograine (inside Icecrown Citadel), and then you will receive one of 5 different items you then take to its respective owners to claim your reward. The list of items you can get are:Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - A mount that looks like the Death Knight's class mount.Muradin's Favor - A 10-minute Frost Dwarf transformation.Jaina's Locket - A portal to Dalaran on a 1-hour cooldown.Tabard of the Lightbringer - A tabard with a very shiny on-use effect. Sylvanas' Music Box - A music box that plays Lament of the Highborne.This sounds pretty cool, in my opinion! Wonder how this loot will be distributed though. The items listed above is BoE, while the Unsealed Ches...

Patch Day!

Hooray, patch day is here! The day for maybe testing new DPS in ICC10 HC ICC10, and maybe harass a certain gnome a little. Then thursday, main raid, friday either raid or what the rest of the world tend to call "social life", saturday not sure, probably idling in-game. Then its sunday, maybe more raids, monday will be for sure, with being second official raid day. Lets kill LK, please! I want heroic Nibelung now!! >:-(I got ahead my.. head? Or whatever that saying is. I was simply just stating that the patch is today, and im happy. Now i have to get ready for work, so until we meet again, i wish you a happy patch day! :D

Patch 3.3.3?

I pugged ICC10 tonight, and at some point someone said that "its gonna be so messy tomorrow at the new vendor when everyone will want to trade in their Frozen Orbs". Immediately i thought "yay, patch day", as im really looking forward to both getting my new pets, mot more important, the Starfall changes! The exitement lasted until about now, when i thought of checking the login screen to see if the info was correct. It looked like this:I could swear that every time a new patch were applied, the Breaking News section will specify this. Like "..schedueled maintenance to apply patch 3.x.x". Correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure it used to inform about this, no? Then again, MMO-Champion usually tend to have quite accurate information, and neither do they say something with 100% certainty if its not the case. And MMO states that the patch will in face be applied tomorrow. High hopes!Copied from MMO: Patch 3.3.3 on Live Servers This WeekPatch 3.3.3 will hit the live servers this w...


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