Mutilate vs. Conclaive of Wind

Us killing CoW for the first time :) Ok, fair enough, ive killed it with Distinct (my guild from Cata launch until recently, mainly consisting of old Lightbringer scrubs), but this time i still feel like it was more "real progress" or something like that, since i worked harder for it. No free kills!

Progress at last!

After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the dragon to rest this reset! We nailed Putricide thursday and Sindragosa today. I feel we're back on track, and im happy i didnt leave the guild a few weeks ago, which i was really close to doing. Will be hard to find a guild as good as this that only raids 2 days a week, so i want to stay as long as we dont fall apart! Well, yeah, nothing else to update, pics to follow: Results May Vary has proven itself worthy of its name, but what else can you expect from a guild that raids only 2 days a week. Key persons missing one of the raids, someone not on the top of their game, lots of things can happen as we then struggle with half of the designated raid time. Next stop is Halion heroic, and i hope we wont wipe for as long there as we have did on these two bastards!

Facing Death

Some times you enter a fight full of hope, and some times you enter it thinking it will go to hell for sure. If you have high hopes, it really sucks to fail, but if you werent positive to start with, an unexpected kill is bliss! This week there was especially two kills i took notice of. I always love kills that seems to go well, but then someone dies and it seems to go wrong, and in the end, some brave warriors stand and fight off the boss alone -ending with a kill! Nothing is like a boss kill where you have so few people left that you feel you need Divine Intervention IRL to make it happen.We took on some hardmodes in 25-man this week, and the kill count ended on 4 in total. Yet, LK remained alive due to lost wiping time, and fuck-ups when we eventually reached him. Some took it harder than others. Me? Of course i thought it was a shame, but why cry over some weapons when you have achieved 4 new kills? There's always time next week. And the week after. And the week.. Yeah, you get ...

Results May Vary - ICC25 Heroic

Okay. Enough pet talk. Now time to talk about something else, meaning todays raid! We started fresh with heroic 25-man tonight, and the first boss to die at our feet in heroic version was Lord Marrowgar. Took us 2 tries (iirc), so wasnt bad in my opinion. Then we moved onto Lady Deathwhisper, but we took her down the normal way. Then heading to Lootship, one-shotted it in heroic (naturally). That fight is such a joke! Saurfang went down the normal way, and then we went for Valithra to give her a shot at heroic. Sadly, at that time, we had major server lag, with the entire raid being stuck at 1000ms, so we wiped and just did her the normal way. Needless to say, Sindragosa also died the easy way. Then time to move on to Blood Council! Took us a good 2-3 tries, or 4, cant remember. But they died eventually. And what a kill! When they died, only a handful of people were alive, and no one could handle kinetics (glowing balls), so one blew up and more died. Was lucky, but not entirely ba...

RMV > Arthas

Pic nicked from guild site.Finally we managed to kill this bastard in 25-man. Shame it didnt happen before the whole buff things was added, but hey, better late than never! I get to have a life and kill end bosses. Im all cool with that! Now we're all ready to start the hardmodes, and i hope we will manage to rush through at least a few of them.When we did this kill, we came and had like 3-4 tries, and bam, he had to give up. Not too bad imo. I won another token this week. Think that makes it 2 in total? Cant remember. But gear is coming along good now. Could use some new trinket(s), but that will come eventually. The ones i've got arent the worst combo, so its not that crucial for maxing dps.No more 25-man raids before thursday, so cant update more on hardmodes until then. Chances are i will fill up with random pet posts again :D Or.. RP??? Well tbh i dont know who most of my readers are, except like a handful (5-7 or so), so if you want to reveal yourselves and come with wishes fo...

Lunaire the Kingslayer

Finally, the day came. The day i was waiting for! The day The Lich King trembled with fear, jumped in the air... and popped his clogs! Of course this wasnt only Lunaire vs. The Lich King, but the name was shorter than Results May Vary, and so it ended up like this. After not having enough people for 25-man, someone announced he had an ICC10 save with only Lich King up, and we thought "hey, nice time saver, lets kill him".First try went alright, we went to 30-something percent, and all was good. We lost one guy to Val'kyrs, and then several more to er, something else. I was inside at that moment, so didnt see what caused us the wipe. But one thing is for sure, our resto druid Moomoojuju actually did that try in his Chef's Hat, so lets all just blame him?!Second try we were filled with hope, and it turned out that all good things are not three, but two! I died before the end (boo), and then someone else died as well, around 20'ish percent i think. But we did it! I even got lucky with ...

Storming the Citadel 10-man (heroic)

After killing The Lich King, you unlock hardmodes. Thing is, only one person in the raid needs the Kingslayer achievement to unlock for the whole group, so there's hope for everyone. I have yet to see Lich King dead, but since we have 10 people in the guild who has, we have a hardmode group working its way through the bosses all over again. Wednsday this week i was in the group, and i wanted to share some thoughts around the 4 first bosses, hardmode way.Lord MarrowgarIn normal mode, this fight is fairly easy, though it can be messy at times. There's two ways to position the ranged and healers, and thats either spread out around him (behind him, or on his sides ofc), or you can all stack up right behind him, together with melee. To be honest, i dont know why people still use the first one, as the second option is far easier to handle. I hardmodes, stacking up is absolutely necessairy.The thing with stacking up is to avoid the flames he cast, which in hardmode hurts a lot more, and st...

The Lich King still alive. Despite 8 hours of hard work, this son of a motherless ogre has yet to hand out shiny epics. Since we only raid two days a week, there wont be another shot until next monday i believe, but then i hope he goes down! We saw a second transition phase tonight, which was good, but it only happened once, which was less good. But, even though he didnt die tonight, i got my last piece of T10, the headpiece. That means 4p set bonus, and i like it so far. Now all i need (note that "all" is relative..) is a new weapon. My Onyxia dagger is a bit outdated now, i feel, and the stats arent ideal for a moonkin. Want something with haste and crit, and some sockets wouldnt be entirely wrong either. We'll see within the next reset.Dude, you should really pop your clogs soon, deal?


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