Lunaire's Walk Down Memory Lane //RP//

We have all been there. Outland. Some of us enjoyed it more than others, but in the end of the day, I think most of us are too busy to truly appreciate our surroundings when we are out and about. I have not had any buisness in Outland for a long, long time, and to be honest, when i did spend day after day there, I never really took my time just sucking in all the different impression this place gives you. I wanted to come back, now that I am getting so used to all the stunningly beautiful nature Northrend provides. Have i gone blind for what Outland offers, or can the place still give me the chills if i go to the right places?To find out, i took the portal from Dalaran to Shattrath City. Very convenient, that one. I do have to admit that i could also have used the Blessed Medallion of Karabor to start out at Black Temple, but I thought starting in the city was more fitting, if you get what I mean. So then I suddenly found myself in Shattrath once again. Can not say I have had any de...

Christalynn's Corner //RP//

Hi, I'm a male tauren who happened to fall in love with a gnome girl. I wonder if you could help me out with some advice on this one. The feelings are mutual, but we are too embarassed to show it to the surroundings, as it feels quite inappropriate. Do you have any tips?TaurenHello Tauren! This sounds perfectly normal to me. There shouldn't be any bad feelings about this, but i do understand that some people might find it hard to deal with. When you are alone, i suggest you go with the shapes that suits you best, but in public you might want to organize something that takes the attention away from the obvious size difference. As we all know, size doesn't matter, but let's be honest, in your case it kind of does. What i would suggest is that you both stock up on Savory Deviate Delight and use this whenever you go out. This will allow you to seem more alike, and you can actually hold hands instead of you holding the entire girl in one hand, if you get my point. Another...

Poop = Consequences

Originally posted on guild forums as a silly reply to an anti-blogger who really couldnt care less about reading about your dog and how it pooped in the garden, and how it would be bad for the flowers. And so on. Quite frankly, this is my dissing reply, meant in a humorous way only, of course :)MY OH MY.. You would not believe what just happened today. I was off to the mailbox in fron of the Alchemist shop to pick up a gem i was transmuting, when i saw the most repulsive thing so far that day. I would say im rather good with my pets, being a huge collector, and i have several alliance slaves cleaning up after them while they are locked up in the barn (which i wont tell you where is). Whenever i feel like i want some company from any of them, i simply summon them to me, but only one at a time. Now you would think one could handle one pet at a time, right?Well, today that proved wrong. As i was walking towards the mailbox, an indistinctive smell arose in my nose. <sniff sniff> C...


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