Transmogrification and me

Hello there! Long time, no see. For many a reason and another, the blogging came to a complete stop a while back. Lost interest in the game, came back, but had lost interest in the blog. Also, I reckoned any old readers had counted on this blog being rather dead for good this time as well. Shame, as I quite enjoyed it. Maybe I'll manage to have a go at it again though. I'll give it a shot. Some things have changed. If you are reading this, you might have noticed that the header have changed, in order to match my new "self". Troll it is nowadays, and a new server and guild as well. So far, I like it here, and I'm raiding only now and then, which is cool, since i have rather busy days at uni now. I got accepted into a 5-year teachers education, which will end in a MA in what seems to be British literature (unless I change my mind and pick language or area studies). Quite interesting, but also so very much hard work. Yikes. Anyway, onto the topic of this post. I wanted to put together...


25, Oslo

Just an ordinairy girl who's above average interested in games. This blog will contain a mix of WoW and IRL stuff, thats the plan anyway! I love hearing from readers, getting comments and what not, so bring it on! Want to contact me outside the comment section, you can reach me at lunaire*at*

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