Vanity Pets

New Friends

In-game friends, that is. Good companions who will never let you down. As the pet nutter i am, ofc i needed the Lil' XT pet. And the mount looks both cool and are cheap, so i thought "why not?". So now i got another action figure to play with, and i can ride and fly around on the Celestial Steed. Im very happy with both :)But it took a while. Seems like everyone wants this mount, so the queues at Blizzard Store is huge as hell. When i got in line, i had more than 30'000 people in front of me. After a while, it looked like this. Glad to see the stock didnt move fast, but then again its not that fun when every Morondk Jenkins around have it. Or actually, it is fun. I love it! Its shiny and sparkly and beautiful. Adorable really! Its like my own Pegasus. Yay!Here is me and my new friends. Look at that smashing trio, eh?

Starcraft II - Collectors Edition

Argh, now im pissed off. Was randomly browsing some norwegian web paper, and saw some article about Starcraft II. Since im interested in games in general, i had to click the link and read what it was all about. Was some updates about release date coming soon, and about the CE they have made. Here and here you can read about the Starcraft II CE edition, and guess what? A WoW pet comes with it! So unfair! I hate you Blizzard. Now i want that pet, but the box will cost like 100 bucks. Must have. Must. So there goes a hundred dollaz out the window i guess. But ofc, maybe the game is cool, and i can play it when i get tired of WoW? Shrug.Isnt this a cool one?I'd like this little fella at least!Need to think whether its worth it or not. Spending IRL money on virtual pets, as someone pointed out last night :p I have to admit my pet collection is reaching an obsession level. Still havent got many TCG pets, but damn i want them all. Cant afford all of course, but some. Bananas and Tuskar...

Plushies, Here We GOOO!

Some days ago, i dropped by the Blizzard Store to get me some new pets. I like pets. I collect all that i can get, and i have to say im proud of my collection. So, of course i needed these two! Only problem was that the horde one was SOLD OUT in the EU store. Crap, crappety crap! Then i see its still in stock in the US stores, and i send a QQ mail to Blizzard begging for some love. Didnt reach through there, but it didnt matter as it was back in stack last night!Now all i can do is wait! 2x plush pets are on their way through mail, and with them 2x cards for in-game pets. Woo, lovely <3 Which one do you like the most? Apparently the horde one is cutest in-game, while the alliance one seems a little depressed. Yes, depressed, not depressing. Anyway, will of course update when i get them! :D Have a nice day all, its time to head for work now, toodles.

Hyacinth Macaw <3

This pet has been evading me for quite a while. Ive seen it on the Auction House from time to time, but i havent been willing to pay thousands of gold for it. Not that i couldnt affort a 10k buyout, but i just felt a bit greedy and didnt want to just throw out money for it. I like to farm my own stuff, but when the drop rate is 1 in 10'000, it has always felt a bit impossible. Ive tried, half-heartedly, to farm it before, but always got bored and quit after a hundred kills or so. Today, i installed a new addon to help me keep track of how much time ive spent, and how many mobs ive killed, to reach my goal of obtaining this beauty. Its called Bunny Hunter, and can be found here (its from It works the same way with all rare, farmable pets. So, eager to test out my new addon, and my patience, i headed down to Stranglethorn Vale to kill some pirates. Yarr! Since i did the Avast Ye, Admiral! achievement a while back, my reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel had seen bet...

Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling

In the upcoming patch, the engineering pets Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling will no longer be bind on pickup. Great news for all the pet collectors out there, myself included. I already have mats ready in bags, but there is one minor issue. No one is an engineer these days! At least no one in guild. I do have a gnome with both schematics (i think), but problem lies right there. Gnome. Also on the wrong server. Ack!Either way, im sure i will manage to find a way around this, because those pets will be mine! If you wonder what the mats are, in case you want one (or both) yourself, here is a quick walkthrough.Lil' Smoky Core of Earth is simple. Buy it on AH and you're good. The Gyrochronatom can be tricky to find at a decent price, if at all, so you might as well grab mats and have an engineer create it for you. For 1x Gyrochronatom, you need the following (just remember to doube it, as you need 2): Then, if you have problems finding the Gold Power Cores at AH, you can have ...


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