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Boobs (hidden in what we call art..)

Guys seems to be obsessed with boobs. Especially Onewinged and Moomoojuju. Therefore, i dedicate this post to these lovely lads, so they can go to sleep with their thumbs safely stuck into their mouths, dreaming (and drooling) about boobs. In fact, im taking it as far as presenting their favourite sets of boobs of all times. WoW boobs! Yeah, you didnt think geeks like that had seen IRL boobs? No, exactly. So lets share the next best ;)Okay, the first set of boobs sits on a lovely blood elf playing with a mana wyrmling. Gear has been taken to a whole new level of reveal rather than protect various body parts, and even though it must be really lame to wear in a fight, it sure looks good. Visit this deviantart profile for more pics from the same artist. Also you can view this (and the rest) in full-size if you click the pictures. Will open in a new window.Our next busty girl is a night elf. And with green hair even. I never thought the green haired ones were looking good until now tbh....


This is (an old) WoW movie made by my little brother and his friend. They did it for a school project, and its not all bad! Its in norwegian, so most wont understand much i guess, but still wanted to link it. My brother has the voice of the little pink haired gnome. The story is based on the childrens fairytale "Revenka". The plot is that this night elf woman have lost her husband who got ganked by orcs on his way home one day. Then shes getting various men on her door, wanting to become her new husband. First a gnome, then a dwarf and then a human, all declined. But then a handsome night elf male shows up, and the widow seems pleased with him. In fact so pleased that she wants to take him as her new husband! And then the story ends well, with them getting married!Its a bit funny, as they've made the gnome such a weirdo, the dwarf is a proper hillbilly peasent, and the human is a shiny knight! Almost like IRL, erhm, in-game i mean :D And yeah, naturally, the night elf ...


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